Testimonials from Our Customers

Customer Reviews. All reviews pulled from an independent company, Angie's List. Names are withheld.

Angie’s list member/Member Comments:  

They fixed a valve and a pipe and our heating and air conditioning unit.

They gave a detailed description of what work was to be performed and a rough estimate of the cost. They promise they would not charge anymore then what was originally said in the estimate. They are easy to make appointments with and they showed up on time for work. It took about one hour and a half to complete. The work that was performed was suitable to my expectations from the start to finish. The worker said that they were using high quality materials. I have already recommended this company to someone else. They are trustworthy; the people that came were very reliable and friendly.

 Angie’s list member/ Member Comments: 

All Weather Services came to my home to recharge the Freon in my air conditioner.

All Weather Services is always quick to get out to your home. They are also very knowledgeable people. The owner is a fantastically hard worker and just a first class gentleman. The workers at All Weather Services aren't the best in town, but they are willing to work extremely hard and All Weather Services has the cheapest prices in town. I will continue to use All Weather Services

Angie’s list member/Member Comments: 

All Weather Services installed my air conditioner over 12 years ago. They come out on a regular basis and do different maintenance and upkeep on it.

I am very satisfied with All Weather Services. Over the past 12 years, I have had nothing but wonderful service. The maintenance people are always on time when they come to my house, and they always make sure to explain what they are doing, what is going on, and any repairs that need to be made. I would highly recommend them.

Angie’s list member/Member Comments: 

They repaired the drainpipe on the air conditioning units.

They have always been really good to me and this last time they came out it wasn’t a very big job, but I was still surprised and pleased by how low the price for their service was. The air conditioners drainpipe was plugged up and they tried to blow it clean. They ended up cutting a section of PVC pipe and replacing it and did a great job, too.

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